Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Really Strong Opinion

Lately, I've just been really frustrated with the subject of relationships. And what better place to vent about it than my blog, right? It'll be great to go back in 2 years and cringe as I re-read my profound thoughts of freshman year haha. Spoiler alert- I'm a girl and I don't really understand how all of this is for guys. I'm not saying Im right, just sharing my opinion.

A lot of what I see these days is people around me trying to rack up connections with the opposite sex to make them feel good about themselves. All I see is girls and guys not respecting one another, and as a result, using one another for a temporary source of self esteem.

Girls try their best to sell themselves to guys as a desirable individual to be around. They get to entertain themselves by playing mind games with one another. Each one knows they don't want to date, but it's something fun to do and every now and then it makes you feel a little less lonely without the work of a relationship. It temporarily pushes their own insecurities to the background, and inflates this false sense of self worth.

Why not friendships with substance to them? Ladies and gentlemen, you can do better. Respect yourselves more than that. And I'm speaking to myself here too. What a cheap form of satisfaction that surrounds us. It's easy to casually date or "hang out" or whatever else you want to call it, but immensely less rewarding.

To be a friend, to value someone not for how they make you feel or what they can offer you, but for who they are- there is alot to be said for that. This is a friendship of substance. A friendship that involves girls and guys respecting one another. Friendships that encourage you and build you up. Friendships that respect the boundaries. Guys that encourage you to be the best that you can be and look out for you.

I guess I'm slightly confused and mostly tired of people hearing that girls need to "put themselves out there", you know, in the "you should probably spend more time on your makeup and be slightly more commanding for attention" kind of way. Nope, I sure don't. I'm not interested in the business of pressuring myself to be appealing and be entertaining and be the guy's girl. Don't friends just happen? Since when did we have to start trying to sell ourselves to everyone around us? I just don't really understand it.

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