Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Long Walk

I'm standing at the base of a mountain.
The rhyme from preschool comes to mind
Can't go under it.
Can't go around it.
Have to go over it. 
I can't fly & my jumping record maxes out at a foot, 
so it looks like my two feet will be taking me to the other side.
that's logical, right?

there is a mountain in my path and i have to hike over it
it will be tough, no doubt
but it will be worth it
there will be the grueling treks but not without the beautiful moments
and i will reach the top 
and it will be okay
by the end i will have learned new lessons and encountered a different type of beauty than the plateau would have allowed.

my personal mountains, i must hike over.
and this is what I have to remind myself- 
you can't fly
your personal mountains cannot be conquered in a day
you cannot do it alone, 
because you are weak

I need a sustainer, a helper, a guide to help me through this trek
and I have one, but what good is He if i continually ignore Him?
Life is a journey and He is with me, 
to make the tough times more bearable and the beautiful times more beautiful. 

and the mountains- they don't go away
they never will,
but neither will His prescence
and everything is better when you know you are not alone. 

so conquer,
with Him.

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thank you this is what i needed before the wedding!

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